Professional Services

My practice is dedicated to serving people who are seeking wholeness, harmony, wellness and healing within the different dimensions of their lives: the physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual.

I offer a safe space in which seekers can explore and apply the modalities of yoga, mindfulness, and creative expression such as writing, free movement and artwork to find their heart’s calling and uncover their Authenticity.  These journeys into self-discovery and healing happen through one-on-one sessions, small groups, retreats and seminars across the globe. These journeys are also literal ones, as I invite others on pilgrimages to sacred sites of Nepal, India and Tibet. I interact with a broad, global audience through writing, sharing what inspires me to live a more fulfilling, authentic and joyful life.

My roots, both physical and spiritual, in Nepal and in the U.S., lay a strong foundation for me to travel the world and work with people of all walks of life. These journeys with others are also personal adventures in which I continue to learn and share my life’s work toward supporting a collective transformation into a community of awakened, compassionate beings. 

If you are curious to hear others’ experience of my offerings, have a look here.

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