My Tribe

My tribe is my community and sangha of special people and places all over the globe. Good folks, creative souls, teachers, and magical spaces. I mention them because, well, they are simply wonderful and might be meaningful to you as well.

Vedic Astrologer/Isha Partner. Deependra Prasad Joshi is a 25th generation Vedic astrologer (Jyotish), residing in Patan, Nepal, right across the river from Kathmandu. Deepen’dai (as I call him) and I met over 20 years ago and have worked together for the past 10, offering our joint services of holistic therapy and astrology to those who come to Isha. Thoughtful, trustworthy, wise and sincere, Deependra takes his craft to heart, understanding that good astrology merges sharp scientific calculations with keen insight. He is regarded as one of the best astrologers in Nepal, and rightly so. Even my most skeptical family members consult with him. He is available for consultation is person, by email and by skype. You can write to him at

Namo Buddha Resort. Up in the hills of Namo Buddha, the place where Buddha is said to have offered his body to a starving mother Tigress, sits this oasis of architectural gems of cabins and an organic farm. I have conducted yoga retreats and participated on others here and cannot recommend it enough. Owner Ingrid is a wonderful hostess as are all of the staff at this haven, a few hours drive from Kathmandu. With stunning views of the Himalayan range, walks in the hills, a nearby monastery and enough quiet and beauty to watch for days on end, there is something for everyone here.

Chandra Ban Resort. Another favorite destination for yoga retreats, Chandra Ban is a home away from home. Owners Camilla and Luca are kind hosts who have created beautifully designed individual apartments in this resort tucked into a hill of the Shivapuri National Forest. Home cooked food, a beautiful garden and access to trails that take you into the Shivapuri Park, Chandra Ban makes for one of the most easily accessible escapes from the city (just a 30-45minute drive away). 

Alcyon Center. Nestled in Seal’s Cove bay on Mount Desert in Maine, the Alcyon Center is a place of retreat and quiet contemplation. Founders Joan and Kathryn, both Christian ministers, host retreats and seminars by highly respected teachers and leaders in the wisdom traditions of the world. Open minded, wise and deeply compassionate, both Joanie and Kathryn are contemporary spiritual seekers and guides. Joanie and my mama met in 3rd grade and have been close friends ever since. We’re family. And how lucky I am to have them in my life. Their wise counsel and generosity of spirit have brought such richness to my life and to the lives of so many others. If you’re on the island, or wish to witness a community of contemplation, give them a call, stop by or attend one of the many retreats offered throughout the year. You will not regret it.

Stefan Reiter (Global). I met Stefan several years ago when he was giving a talk on systemic constellation at the Montessori school where his and my foster children were studying. Stefan is a big bear of a man with a heart of gold. A talented therapist, he practices a wide array of holistic therapies from cranio-sacral to systemic constellation to Access Bars work. He also offers training in various modalities and is a wonderful, patient and inspiring teacher.  Stefan now travels the world teaching, so find him where you can.

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