Established in 2007, the Isha Center was born of the visFuschiaion to create a space for self-discovery and healing based on the ancient and transformative tools of Yoga and transpersonal psychology. With the blessings of my spiritual guide and Guru, Paramahamsa Niranjanananda, I opened Isha in Patan, Nepal.

Over the past 13 years Isha has welcomed people from all walks of life and of all ages. With the belief that Yoga and its gift of health, joy and fulfillment are everyone’s birthright, Isha conducts group yoga classes, individual sessions, intensive retreats as well as specialized yoga therapy sessions worldwide. Isha also offers holistic life counseling (transpersonal psychology) as well as astrological consultations.

Isha offers a deep and authentic experience of the rich Vedic and Tantric traditions indigenous to Nepal.  In Isha’s commitment to providing the physical space and tools that nurture self-knowledge, wholeness and wellness, Isha opens her doors to other traditions and practices that share this same goal and vision.

In addition to on site activities, Isha organizes pilgrimages to sacred sites throughout the world and particularly in India, Nepal and Tibet. These pilgrimages are as much voyages of outward adventure as they are journeys of inner unfolding.

Note: The Isha Institute has no connection with and is in no way affiliated with The Isha Foundation inspired by Sadguru. 

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