Retreats offer the opportunity to step out of our daily routines and dip into a space of contemplation. In this setting we intensify our focus, deepen our presence, and rededicate ourselves to an uplifting, new direction.

Isha holds retreats of different lengths and with a variety of topics and teachings throughout the year and across the globe.  

Workshops and seminars are reserved blocks of time, shorter than a retreat, when we delve into the specifics of a topic or technique. Short and sweet, inspiring and illuminating, they help us jumpstart a new practice, refine an old one, and benefit from the learning that comes for sharing in community.  I offer workshops and seminars on topics of conscious living inspired by yogic philosophy, psychology and science.

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A retreat/workshop at your place
This year (my years start in September!), I am opening myself up to traveling and teaching, two of my greatest passions. If you have a center, retreat spot or a group of inspired individuals who would like to host a retreat/workshop, please do get in touch with me.

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