Ordinary Yogini Blog

When I first shared the idea of this blog with my mother, her response was an enthusiastic “that’s just wonderful!”, followed by “…but what does Yogini mean?”. My mother is a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point practical type of gal if ever there was one. And she reminds me to start at the beginning and break things down, step-wise.

So, to answer my mother’s query and so many others’,  a “yogini” is a female yogi. What’s a yogi? A person accomplished in the practices of- and on the path of Yoga. I’m going to limit the explanation to this for the time being, because, well, it could be endless. “What is Yoga?” is the next question. And good God, we’re still working on that one, and it’s part of what we explore in this blog.

By no means would I consider myself an accomplished Yogini. I practice, or try to practice, this incredibly rich and versatile life science of Yoga, and I have been doing so for the past 18 years. Indeed, I have taken the liberty to use the term Yogini.  It lends direction and vision, and it speaks to the sincerity with which I live a life of continued practice.

Why the “ordinary”? Because I have learned that there is magic in the mundane of living–working, going to the grocery store, raising children, waiting in traffic or sitting by the ocean. Because Yoga is not something meant simply for people living in ashrams or in seclusion, but for everyone. No matter their culture or religion. No matter if they are flexible or not, slim or heavy set, young or old, woman, man, transgender etc..The practice of Yoga begins with the willingness to be aware, to grow and to evolve.

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