The purpose of this blog is to create a space of sharing, to nurture compassionate community and to encourage thoughtful conversation in the life sciences of conscious living, such as yoga.

I have found that in my work as a therapist and instructor there is often a divide between my professional role as an instructor and guide and my personal experience as a practitioner. I am often told how calm and serene I am, how composed and flexible I appear. Well, yes…and no. My journey towards Source has been, and continues to be, very human and very messy. Just ask my kids.

So here I am, intending to dispel the idealised images and to bridge the gap. We create for ourselves plenty of head trips about what being “spiritual” means. It’s messy, it’s human, it’s alive and astonishingly normal. We are all fellow travellers on the path to wholeness. In this blog, I join with those of you who visit these writings in seeking clarity in contemplation and dialogue, and to uncover the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

Thank you for your time in reading this blog and in offering your input, ideas, and inspiration.


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  1. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is the underlying experience of sacrament. Believe it or not, Theodore of Mopsuestia (say that three time fast) put it in those very words in the eighth century. Not that I was there…Nice blog.

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